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Most Charities start with a ‘dream’.
A dream to change circumstances, make something better or find a solution to a problem.
Realising that ‘dream’ is often fraught with disappointments, struggles and finally a diluted vision and impact.
So why do non-for-profit organisations struggle?

Here are the MYTHS.

  • Lack of money.
  • Lack of manpower.
  • Lack of time.
But these are the
not the reasons.
Here are the REAL reasons.

  • Simply not congruent with their values anymore.
  • Failure to recognise true niche in the non-for-profit world.
  • So afraid of public censure that actions are limited.
  • Failure to take risks which would allow growth.

It does not have to be that way. Here at CKI we know that no matter what size your charity is YOU have the capacity to be a CKI.
A Charity of Key Influence.

We are really excited to have developed a program to help ALL charities to become ‘extraordinary’. To enable them to have massive impact and influence within their own niche area. To work in dynamic and innovative environments to truly realise their charity dream and vision.

Charitable organisations are becoming diverse in today’s world. Social enterprises, CIO’s and CIC’s are becoming more popular but it is often confusing to know which is the most effective route to take. CKI can help you achieve your goals and move forward confidently no matter which type of organisation you are. Clarifying all the confusion and uncertainty and enabling you make the right choices to fulfil your objectives in the best possible way.

Whether you are a Trustee, CEO, employee or volunteer, CKI has the right bespoke support for you enabling you be the very best you can be in your role.

Why wouldn’t any charity or social enterprise want this kind of amazing support?
Talk to us about how to get started on the road to CKI excellence today.

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